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The truth about 5G

April 15th, 2020

The fifth generation of wireless communication technology (5G) is now swiftly being adopted by mobile operators worldwide. However, many aspects of the technology are little understood by the general public, leading to recent wild and incorrect assumptions about the safety of 5G systems.

PTT’s online courses “Introduction to mobile systems” and “Mobile radio communications” describe the evolution from 2G to 5G systems and provide a thorough and understandable technical overview of modern mobile networks. The high speeds and low latency of 5G networks promise to revolutionise the mobile industry through innovative applications of this technology.

These courses are suitable for those joining the mobile sector in a technical role or for those who wish to gain an appreciation of how mobile networks work.


Importance of robust computer networks

April 6th, 2020



Modern business life depends on reliable access to data and services hosted by computer networks. The operation of those networks rely on often complex interaction between various hardware and software components. Yet the services they provide must be resilient to natural and manmade calamities and the data stored on those networks should be protected against corruption and loss.

PTT’s new online course, Network services explains the role of the various hardware and software elements of computer networks in delivering the services businesses rely on.

This network services course also discusses the measures that should be taken to ensure dependable access to those services and the data harvested and employed by them.

The course covers many of the knowledge objectives of the following digital apprenticeships:
Infrastructure Technician, Unified Communications Troubleshooter, Network Engineer.

Our online courses are ideal for home study allowing staff to use their time constructively to upskill for a more productive future when life returns to normal and can assist in ensuring digital apprenticeships continue without interruption.


Continuation of apprenticeships

March 24th, 2020

The UK government has just published guidance to training providers and employers regarding the continuation of apprenticeships during the coronavirus epidemic.

The guidance includes a suggestion that e-learning could ensure the continuation of apprentices’ studies and that end point assessment could take place remotely.

PTT has a wealth of experience of supporting digital apprenticeships with our e-learning courses, online tutor support and assessment. We will continue to do so for our existing clients and stand ready to assist those organisations who need to make alternative arrangements for their apprentices.

Bob Nott
Managing Director, PTT