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The evolution of mobile systems to 5G

June 10th, 2019

The high speeds and low latency offered by 5G has been in the news recently with the launch of the first 5G mobile services in the UK. The improvements offered by 5G have been built on years of technological development as mobile systems have evolved.

PTT updated online course “Introduction to mobile systems” provides an overview of mobile communications and reveals how mobile systems have evolved to meet users’ expectations for high speed access to online services while on the move.

The course is suitable for those joining the mobile sector in a technical role and for experienced engineers who want a refresher to update their knowledge of the systems they work with.


Blended learning for ICT apprenticeships white paper

May 20th, 2019

According to a recent study, a significant majority of firms in the UK think they will experience shortages of technology talent. Apprenticeships provide one way of ensuring an organisation’s skills requirements are met.

The use of e-learning within apprenticeship programme has many advantages including flexible delivery, reduced costs and a consistent training quality.
A blended learning approach that supplements e-learning with regular attendance of tutor-led sessions provides a structure that ensures all participants are fully engaged with the learning process.

PTT has published a white paper that discusses the advantages of a structured blended learning programme for ICT apprenticeships based on insights gained from PTT’s involvement in their delivery.
A case study of an apprenticeship programme delivered by the training provider QA in partnership with PTT for a global mobile operator is included.
Download the “Blended learning in ICT apprenticeships” white paper from here >>


New telecoms networks course

March 13th, 2019

The networks that provide telecommunications services for individuals and businesses have gone through rapid change in the last few years. Their evolution has been fuelled by the demands for higher capacity coupled with the growth in the use of Internet and mobile services and the need to reduce operating costs.

PTT has just released a new online course that provides a comprehensive introduction to modern telecoms networks. The topics covered range from the capabilities and applications of optical, microwave and satellite links to the structure and benefits of next generation networks and the systems that provide fixed line and mobile telephony.

The PTT “Telecommunications networks” e-learning course is ideal for those joining the sector with a technical role and who will benefit from an appreciation of the role and capabilities of the systems they are responsible for.