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Training services

PTT harnesses a unique combination of skills and experience to maximise your return on investment in staff development.

PTT has over 20 years of providing online training solutions to companies in the telecommunications and ICT sectors. Our expertise includes course design, supporting apprenticeship delivery, and the online management of training delivery for telecoms and ICT organisations worldwide.


Learning programme design

To maximise the return on investment in a learning intervention, training should be focussed on your organisation’s objectives.
We can help you design a learning programme that delivers the required outcomes.
If existing PTT courses do not fully meet your specific requirements, we can adapt existing PTT courses or design new courses.

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Supporting apprenticeships

Apprenticeships include on-the-job learning as well as elements which deliver the underpinning knowledge that is necessary to work effectively.
Online learning provides flexible training delivery of the knowledge component and a reduction in the administrative burden.
PTT uniquely offers online courses targeted specifically at apprentices in the telecoms and ICT sectors.

Learning management

Having launched an online learning intervention, you will want to measure the success of individuals and the learning programme itself.
As well as providing easy access to learning, PTT’s dyskans ® learning management system (LMS) provides the tools to monitor your trainees’ progress and assess their level of attainment.
PTT’s dyskans LMS can also be seamlessly integrated with your organisation’s talent management and HR software.