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Online training solutions

PTT can help increase the effectiveness of technical training within your organisation while reducing costs.

PTT has 20 years experience in developing e-learning solutions and provides a full range of e-learning development services from setting of training objectives, through course design to course delivery and learning management.

PTT is particularly adept at devising e-learning that explains technical concepts in a clear engaging way.

PTT e-learning can be designed to be accessible through a PC's browser or through a tablet App.




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PTT approach

PTT believes that e-learning should engage and motivate the learner.

PTT is committed to achieving the highest standards in what we do and our dealings with our clients.

We will work with your business to develop e-learning that meets your training objectives and fully involves trainees in the learning experience.

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Design services

PTT is not just another e-learning developer. We have many years experience of technical training design and delivery in the corporate environment.

PTT's unique set of skills and experience means that we can provide solutions for all aspects of training design and delivery.

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Blended learning

Blended learning involves the integration of various training delivery methods.

We can work in partnership with your organisation to devise a cost-effective learning strategy that is in tune with your company's day to day business activity and that builds on the strengths of each of the various training elements.

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