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Keeping telecommunications secure

June 15th, 2017

The WannaCry attack on the British national health service and many other organisations around the world has focussed minds on the possibility of major disruption of a nation’s critical infrastructure from cyber attack.

Any disruption to Telecommunications services would obviously have a significant impact on all our lives. But cyber attack is just one of the threats that telecoms operators must guard against.

PTT is currently developing an online course that provides an overview of the threats faced by telecommunications providers and describes ways of reducing the vulnerability of telecoms services to unauthorised access, disruption and personal data theft. The course also gives examples of how criminals can misuse telecoms services for financial gain and describes how to detect and block such activities.

This Telecoms security online course is suitable for all those involved in ensuring service availability and data protection in the telecoms sector.

To receive further information about this course including its release date, please contact PTT.


Mobile technology training special offer

March 30th, 2017

We all take for granted our ability to make a call and access the Internet from most places on our travels. But sophisticated technologies are employed to make high speed data communications and voice calls on the move possible.

PTT offers two online courses that together introduce mobile communications technologies for those who are, or will be, responsible for the installation and maintenance of mobile systems.

These courses can be studied individually as preparation for PTT’s more advanced courses covering mobile technology. Alternatively, they can be studied as part of PTT’s Level 3 Award in principles of telecommunications.

Special offer

Study MBA: “Introduction to mobile systems” and MIB: “Mobile radio communications” together and benefit from a 30% discount.

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Protecting IP route discovery

February 23rd, 2017

One of the key features of the Internet is its ability to dynamically adjust to network changes, ensuring messages reach their destination even when link failures occur.

Even though route discovery is a critical facility of IP networks, the subject is often regarded as wizardry with its secrets closely guarded by a select few.

Yet understanding the role and operation of route discovery protocols is necessary for all those who are responsible for ensuring the reliability and security of IP networks.

One often neglected aspect of the route discovery process is its vulnerability to misuse by those with malicious or fraudulent intent.

PTT’s online course covering “IP routing” provides a clear yet detailed guide to the operation and facilities of route discovery protocols. This interactive course has recently been updated and expanded to explain how the security of the routing process can be improved.