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Learning programme design services

It is our experience that the most successful implementations of e-learning employ a holistic approach.
Issues such as internal marketing of the training, motivation of prospective e-learning users, monitoring the use of the course material and measuring levels of attainment all need to be addressed.
PTT will harness its accumulated experience of technical training design and work in partnership with your business to achieve cost-effective learning solutions that meet your business objectives.
Our consultancy service can assist you with these issues as well as all other aspects of learning design including:


Learning programme design

PTT can assist at all stages of implementing a learning intervention. We can provide:

  • Training needs analysis
  • Development of training objectives
  • Learning strategy design and choice of blended learning elements
  • Learning technology consultancy
  • Course design and content development
  • Learning management consultancy and implementation



E-learning design and development

PTT courses have a proven track record in successful learning interventions.
If necessary, we can adapt existing courses to include information specific to your organisation.
We can also produce new courses to meet your specific learning objectives.

PTT is particularly adept at devising e-learning and mobile learning that explains technical concepts in a clear engaging way.


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Online assessment management

All PTT courses include formative question sessions at the end of each module to test understanding and provide further learning guidance.
Summative assessments at the end of a learning intervention measure levels of overall attainment and motivate learners by giving them a goal to reach.
Online exams reduce the administrative burden of end-of-programme assessment.

PTT can work with you to provide bookable, time-limited online exam sessions to individuals within your organisation.