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PTT's approach to e-learning development


PTT will work with your business to develop e-learning that meets your training objectives and fully engages trainees in the learning experience.



Our Creative Process

We will work with you throughout the project to ensure that every aspect of the e-learning reflects your aims and expectations.

Our instructional designers and writers have both multimedia and pedagogical skills. They can draw on a wealth of experience of providing technical training.

We can develop the course content by adapting your existing training materials or by working with your subject experts or from our own research.

The design and development of e-learning normally consists of the following stages:


Why PTT e-learning delivers real benefits


Too often e-learning is designed with little relevant interaction and, therefore, has little training merit.

E-learning produced quickly by, for example, converting a powerpoint slide show may be inexpensive but if it doesn't encourage the trainee to learn, then no business benefit has been gained.

PTT believes in using interactivity to fully involve the trainee in the learning experience. Well designed e-learning will encourage users to complete the course and assimilate the knowledge imparted.

Properly designed on-screen question sessions can assist the learning process and allow managers to monitor attainment levels.

We know from many years experience that, if the full range of interactive tools and multimedia elements are used appropriately, e-learning can provide real, measurable training benefits.



Case study


PTT was commissioned by DANTE to develop a CDROM-based package aimed at prospective users of the high capacity pan-European network, GÉANT2. DANTE manages GÉANT2 the very high capacity "super-internet" which links research and academic institutions around Europe

PTT wrote the storyboard for the interactive guide in collaboration with DANTE´s technical experts. PTT's prior knowledge of telecoms and ICT helped reduce the time needed for the research phase of the project.

Having completed the development and production of CDROM and online versions of the guide in 2006, DANTE asked PTT to develop an updated guide in late 2007.

"Creating GÉANT2 has been a huge technical challenge and explaining the technology behind it is crucial to ensure our existing and potential users get the most from the network. PTT created an engaging learning solution that will educate and inform researchers all across Europe."

Ruth Kirkman, Public Relations Manager, DANTE.