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PTT's online telecoms training courses cover technical aspects of modern telecommunications and datacoms networks and services.

PTT's extensive range of learntelecoms e-learning courses are written by subject experts who are experienced telecoms trainers.

learntelecoms telecommunications courses offer a valuable training and information resource for those joining the industry as well as managers, technicians and engineers who need to keep up to date with the latest techniques and systems.

PTT online courses include those suitable for inclusion in a telecommunications apprenticeship programme.

PTT’s dyskans® learning management system provides easy access to licensed courses and a full range of training management tools.


Business benefits


The telecommunications sector is experiencing rapid change. Although the skills and knowledge of its people must keep pace, the business pressures that generate the need for new skills may also act as a barrier to traditional training methods.

PTT e-learning offers a cost-effective solution.

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PTT learntelecoms online courses provide a range of interactive training facilities to fully engage the user in the learning experience.

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We offer course delivery and licensing options to match your requirements.

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Learn more about the interactive features of learntelecoms e-learning and view sample screens from our latest course...

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