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Telecoms and ICT apprenticeships

Apprenticeships are work-based training programmes aimed at those joining an industry and designed around the needs of employers. Apprenticeships help businesses sustain a workforce that consists of motivated individuals who identify with the company ethos and have the necessary set of skills.



About UK apprenticeships

Apprenticeships include on-the-job learning and assessment as well as elements which deliver the underpinning knowledge that is necessary to work effectively. 
In the UK, government funding is available to support the training of apprenticeships. Extra funds are available for apprentices aged 16 – 18. Large companies can offset their contributions to the apprenticeship levy.
Apprenticeships are delivered by approved training providers.

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Delivering underpinning knowledge

Delivering the technical knowledge component of a telecommunications apprenticeship programme depends on the availability of qualified trainers. Sourcing trainers with the necessary skills and knowledge of telecoms and ICT can be problematic as can ensuring the quality of training.
Online learning provides a flexible, cost-effective alternative that delivers consistent training quality while reducing the administrative and assessment burden.

Many apprentices throughout the UK are benefitting from PTT online learning.

How PTT can help

PTT offers a choice of two accredited online study programmes for the knowledge component of telecoms and ICT apprenticeship frameworks and standards: the PTT Level 3 Award in Principles of Telecommunications and the PTT Level 3 Certificate in Unified Communications. The latter programme matches the knowledge requirements of the Unified Communications Technician apprenticeship standard.

PTT partners with a registered training provider that specializes in the delivery of telecoms and ICT apprenticeships to design programmes that meet employers' requirements..

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