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Empowering frontline personnel

Customer service staff

The technologies that underpin the telecommunications services we all depend on have gone through significant changes in the last few years. The speed of change makes it a challenge for those directly responsible for service provision to stay abreast with new technologies and techniques.
But what of their colleagues who are not directly involved in technology issues? Do they need to keep up to date? For example, do customer service agents and retail sales representatives need to how the services they support or sell are delivered?
Many of us have experienced the frustration of dealing with a service agent who is making every effort to deal with the reported problem but is hampered by a lack of basic knowledge of how the service is provided. And sales representatives need to know the limitations of the service they are selling as well as the benefits.
Arming non-technical personnel with a basic understanding of the underpinning technologies gives them greater confidence in their efforts to address the concerns and requirements of their customers. And that of course leads to greater customer satisfaction.
PTT’s online course “Introduction to telecoms services” is designed for non-technical personnel working in the telecommunications sector. This online course keeps technical detail to the absolute minimum necessary to gain an appreciation of modern telecoms services.
The course, which has a proven track record in training customer support representatives, has recently been updated to include the latest advances in service provision.