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Looking forward to telecommunications in 2024

Telecoms over a city

Telecommunications will continue to undergo significant advancements in the coming year, shaping the way people communicate, connect and conduct business. With telecommunications technology continuing to evolve, here are just a few areas where we will likely see ongoing development:

5G expansion: The deployment of 5G networks will continue to expand, bringing faster speeds, lower latency, and enhanced connectivity. This will enable seamless experiences for consumers, enabling them to stream high-definition content, participate in immersive virtual experiences and embrace IoT (Internet of Things) devices in their daily lives. For businesses, the massive machine to machine capabilities of 5G Standalone will provide new opportunities for streamlining and automating their operations.

Optical fibre in the access network: The provision of fibre to the home and business premises will continue its rapid expansion bringing gigabit speeds to many more users. This in turn will allow telecoms providers to retire their copper access networks leading to reduced costs and increased reliability.

AI and automation: Artificial Intelligence (AI) will play a pivotal role in telecommunications. AI-driven chatbots and virtual assistants will be increasingly used with the aim to enhance customer service experiences, offering instant support and personalised interactions. AI-powered network optimisation will also ensure better reliability and efficiency in telecommunications infrastructure.

IoT integration: The integration of IoT devices will continue to see growth, transforming various industries. Smart-homes, connected healthcare devices, and efficient transportation systems will become more prevalent, offering convenience, efficiency, and improved services.

Edge computing: Edge computing will gain traction, enabling data processing closer to the end-user. This will reduce latency, enhance security, and support real-time applications, crucial for emerging technologies like autonomous vehicles and augmented reality.

Telecommuting solutions: The trend of remote work will persist, with home workers needing fast, reliable networks. High-quality video conferencing, collaborative tools, and increasing use of augmented reality will continue to enhance remote work experiences, fostering productivity and collaboration.

PTT will continue to develop up-to-date telecommunications training solutions throughout 2024. With our comprehensive course catalogue, businesses and individuals will continue to benefit from a wide range of training solutions from foundational subjects to advanced topics on the latest technologies in the industry.