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5G at the maritime border

Container ship in a port

Standalone 5G mobile systems offer much more than high speed access to the Internet. 5G private networks offer businesses a wide range of facilities to improve productivity especially when combined with automation of business activities.

One example of the possible applications of a private mobile network is the operation of marine ports.  Ports depends on several interdependent functions which must operate seamlessly to allow the transportation of containers between ships and trucks or trains, and the loading and unloading of those containers. Tracking and recording of container movements is important to avoid misdirection and to comply with border controls. Since those containers may hold valuable cargo, the physical security of the port and the security of communications are also of paramount importance.

The Port of Tyne in the UK is implementing a 5G private network to streamline its operations. Its private mobile network will facilitate the operation of security cameras with automatic vehicle number recognition, and automated container inspection and identification.

In the future the network will also allow autonomous navigation of vehicles to transport cargo, remote crane operations, and control of a fleet of inspection drones.

The port of Barcelona in Spain is also investing in a 5G standalone private network. The 5G mobile service’s low latency will allow the remote control of cranes with the required precision necessary for the loading of containers on ships.

5G has been designed to cope with massive machine to machine communications (mMTC). Therefore, a 5G network has the necessary capacity for the connection of many sensors and devices, facilitating the real-time location of ships, merchandise, and other assets.

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