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Local area networks

Local area networks allow us to communicate and access information in our homes and in our places of work. First developed in the 1970s, Ethernet technology is used in most of these networks and has been improved over the years to meet the ever increasing demand for high speed communications.

PTT’s new suite of four courses cover various aspects of Ethernet local area networks (LANs). The online courses are aimed at those responsible for network design, installation and maintenance:

EBA: “Ethernet fundamentals” introduces the principles of operation of Ethernet local area networks.

EBB: “Structured cabling” describes the structure, installation requirements and testing of cabling systems employed in local area networks.

EBC: “Ethernet networks” gives more detail about the operation of both fixed line and wireless Ethernet networks with reference to their address schemes, protocols, and security methods.

EBD: “Advanced Ethernet networks” describes methods of enhancing the security of Ethernet local area networks (LANs), the role and facilities of network management and testing tools, and the wide area network services that provide connections between remote LANs.