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New “Ethernet/IP networks” study programme

Modern business communications networks and the Internet rely on the inter-relationship between a suite of protocols some of which were devised in the 1970s and subsequently adapted and supplemented to meet the need for high speed, secure communications.

It can be difficult for those maintaining these networks to fight through the thicket of acronyms, equipment manufacturers’ own terminology, and the complexity introduced by protocol modifications.

Therefore, PTT has devised a comprehensive online study programme that ensures participants have a thorough understanding of the operation of networks using the Ethernet and IP suite of protocols.

The “Ethernet/IP networks” study programme consists of a selection of PTT online courses that begin with first principles and then lead through the various aspects of providing secure, reliable and fast communications within offices and between remote sites.

Programme participants have online access to a designated tutor who will answer questions about the content of the courses.