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PTT - Celebrating 30 years of progress



PTT was founded in 1993 with the ambition to improve the efficacy of technical training in the telecommunications sector.

From years of experience of providing classroom-based training in that sector, PTT’s founders believed that elearning could improve learners’ attainment while reducing training costs.

Back in 1993, elearning was in its infancy and the use of the Internet was not widespread.

Thirty years later, the Internet is ubiquitous and PTT's online learning courses have a track record of training success around the world.


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The pace of change


When PTT was formed, fax machines were in every office, access to the Internet relied on slow "dial-up" connections, and removable storage consisted of floppy disks and CDROMs.

Telecoms service providers obtained much of their revenue from the public switched telephone network and Nokia had just launched its first hand portable GSM phone.
Now we all rely on high speed access to the Internet and smart mobile phones.

PTT's mission throughout the last thirty years has been to ensure those working in the telecoms and ICT sectors are kept informed of the new technologies that have transformed the sector.



Global reach


PTT's online courses have delivered training for the staff of telecoms and ICT organisations around the world reaching as far as the Falklands, Samoa and St. Helena.

PTT online courses have trained engineers working for the European Space Agency and those responsible for the GĂ©ant European wide research network.

Those working for telecoms companies such as TalkTalk, Vodafone, BT, and Proximus have all benefitted from PTT courses.



Assured quality


From the start, PTT's ethos is quality driven: quality of training content, quality of training delivery, and quality of user experience.

To demonstrate and re-enforce that ethos, PTT's online study programmes are accredited by NCFE with successful participants awarded a certificate from that awarding organisation.


Partnering with trainers


From the beginning, PTT's founders believed that far from replacing all face to face training, computer-based, and subsequently online, learning would release trainers from delivering knowledge so they could concentrate on skills training and one-to-one support.

With that aim, PTT supports a blended learning approach to the delivery of apprenticeship training with partners such as GK apprenticeships and QA Training. A combination of PTT courses and classroom-based workshops have proved a success for hundreds of apprentices and their employers.


Comprehensive coverage


PTT offers a large catalogue of courses covering the technologies and systems that provide telecoms services. PTT courses are regularly updated to keep pace with the rapid changes affecting the telecoms and ICT sectors.

Our courses cover a wide range of services: from fibre to the premises to 5G mobile systems; from the basics of Ethernet local area networks to the detailed treatment of domain and cloud services.

PTT also offer courses aimed at specific audiences: We offer courses providing an overview of telecoms services for call centre staff and managers, introductory courses for apprentices and advanced courses aimed at engineers.